Realosophy Launch

Welcome to!  We hope that you are as excited as we are about our new Toronto HomeBuyer’s website.

We are a group of young consumers and professionals who once wondered why HomeBuying wasn’t more fun, open and easy to understand.  Then we decided to do something about it—something we call Realosophy.

Recognizing that the internet is where most of us come to get informed, we set to work building, a website dedicated to consumer awareness based on the principles of openness and ease of use.  Our Toronto Neighbourhood Profiler lets you check out home prices, school performance and community photos—all without the annoying sales pitch.  Even better, you can figure out whether your new neighbourhood will have more Starbucks locations than your cousin’s (or fewer if you prefer).  Hey, gloating is fun. 

Be sure to check in often with us here at, the Toronto Neighbourhoods and Real Estate Blog.  Our Neighbourhood Explorer feature will offer in-depth walking tours of Toronto neighbourhoods (including those not in the media spotlight) and our Real Insight feature will decode HomeBuying mysteries.  Plus, we’ll be sharing regular updates with you about the adventure that is Realosophy! 

As you explore in these early days, please share your feedback about the site and tell us about any bugs you may find. (Rome wasn’t built in a day, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to improve as quickly as possible.) 

Realosophy is committed to excellence.  Each day, we strive to expand the range of services and resources we offer to you.  Thank you for helping us build the ultimate HomeBuyer’s experience and allowing us to be part of yours.  Enjoy!

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