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Cottage Purchasers Need to Know Land Boundaries of Lakefront Property

Buyers of lakefront cottages should be aware of whether their land touches the water not only in fact but according to the registered title.

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Proposed Airbnb Regulations Coming for Prince Edward County

Buyers considering using a property  as an airbnb rental should have a viable “Plan B” based on long-term rental.

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The Movement Towards Buying Cottages Instead of Homes

Can buying in outlying areas normally thought of as 'cottage country' be a viable way to get onto the housing ladder?

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The County Report: Bright Future for Picton Harbour

Currently a "jewel in the rough," new plans for the picturesque harbour promise real change.

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The County Report: Best Selection Ever for Homes Over $300,000

Buyers of homes over $300,000 in Prince Edward County saw the best selection ever as listings increased to an all-time high this past quarter.

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The County Report: Limited Choice Under $300,000

Our new series keeps an analytical eye on the real estate market in Prince Edward County, one of Toronto's most coveted escapes.

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