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Federal Elections 2021: Assessing the Housing Policy-Palooza

We are finally outraged about high home and rent prices enough to have Canadian politicians pledging to do something about it - will any of the proposals actually work?

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How Toronto Home Affordability Ran Away Under Justin Trudeau

A look back on how housing affordability became one of the hottest issues in today's Canada.

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Will Campaign Promises to Curb Foreign Buyers Actually Bring Down Canadian Home Prices?

Ahead of our fall election, all of Canada's political parties are full of ambitious housing policy pitches.

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What Our Leaders Won't Say About Housing

As Canada heads into an election this fall, here's a closer look at two policy areas that need to be better linked to tackle housing affordability.

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Are Investors to Blame for High House Prices?

How differing beliefs about the housing market between buyers and investors leads to very different market outcomes.

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Does Toronto Have a Supply or Demand Problem?

There are always some that will perennially argue that a lack of supply is the only problem behind high home prices in Toronto - but it's not that simple.

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How Does the Canada Federal Budget Impact Home Buyers & Sellers?

While the federal budget won't make homes more affordable in Canada, average buyers and sellers won't be impacted by policy-induced market shocks either.

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What Should the Government Do About Canada's Overheating Real Estate Market?

Ahead of this Monday's Federal Budget, John Pasalis shares his views on what our politicians should do to make Canadian homes more affordable.

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Federal Liberal Government Admits Our Real Estate Market Works For Foreigners Not Canadians

A frank admission acknowledges what many have been saying - but does the government really care?

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