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Why are Detached House Prices Stable When Sales are Falling?

One of the questions I get often from buyers is how house prices can remain stable while sales are declining and inventory is increasing? 

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The Mistake That Cost Sellers Millions When Toronto's Housing Bubble Burst

This time last year, nearly 1,000 Toronto home buyers and sellers suffered major financial losses - could they have done something differently or was it just bad timing?

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Drop in Toronto Condo Listings Keeps Prices Up

With Toronto Area condo sales down 26% in April 2018, many buyers are wondering why the condo market is still incredibly competitive and prices are still up.

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What You Can Learn From Toronto's 2017 Real Estate Bubble

Today we're releasing a new report featuring my analysis of last year's real estate bubble - why it happened and how it affected home buyers and sellers in Toronto and the...

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GTA House Prices Falling Furthest Where Investors Once Dominated

This time last year we published a report Freeholds on Fire: How Investor Demand for Houses is Driving Up Prices in the Greater Toronto Area which looked at how investors in...

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Why Toronto’s Real Estate Market Isn’t Crashing (Anymore)

The headlines and the recent numbers about the Greater Toronto Area’s real estate market have not been great this spring. Average home prices are down 14% in March and sales...

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Why Some Toronto Neighbourhoods Are Likely to See Prices Fall Even Further

John Pasalis in Toronto Real Estate News, Home Buying

In my last blog post (The GTA Neighbourhoods Home Buyers Should Avoid), I walked through a metric we use at Realosophy to...

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Here’s how much a subway running under your home will cost you

Toronto’s subway story just got exciting-scary.

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How much is your home by neighbourhood across Toronto & the GTA?

The semiannual Globe and Mail Home Value Survey powered by Realosophy is out today! Go to the interactive map to see how your neighbourhood has performed.

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