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Gas Prices Are Going Nuts (In Case You Hadn’t Noticed)

A detailed look at last month's inflation data and the implications for Canadian mortgage rates.

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How to Sell Your Home in a Slowing Market

How you need to adjust your strategy in a suddenly changing market.

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The Monthly Numbers   |   Toronto and GTA

June 2022 Market Update: Toronto Real Estate Sales Hit Historic Low

Early signs of a slowdown on-the-ground now strongly showing in the latest market numbers.

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How GTA House Prices Fell in 2017

This Risky Trend in Pre-Construction Purchases is Raising Red Flags

Some buyers are hoping to 'flip' pre-con units before they have to close on - and actually pay for...

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How to Find Hidden Home Problems - Before You Buy

Good and Bad News About Taxes on the Resale of Pre-Con Properties

A clarification on the amount of HST to be applied to assignment sales after a confusing budget...

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Canada   |   Canada

How Do Canadian Home Prices Compare Globally?

The numbers show that Canada's home prices standout amongst comparable countries.

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Latest Market Stats By Neighbourhood


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