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Canadian Mortgage Primer: All About Trigger Rates

What you need to know - and why these rates are different from what we saw in 2008 south of the...

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Selling   |   Toronto and GTA

Why Toronto Real Estate Investors Aren’t Rushing to Sell Yet

Rising rents are keeping investors optimistic - for now.

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How GTA House Prices Fell in 2017

It Can Cost More to Go After Your Buyer Deposit in Court When Deal Fails

Home buyers and sellers can avoid expensive legal judgments with more straightforward options to...

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How to Find Hidden Home Problems - Before You Buy

Data   |   Toronto and GTA

November 2022 Market Update: 20 Year Lows in Sales - and Listings - Are Keeping Prices Flat

Latest numbers continue to show a stalemate - for now. 

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The Big Story   |   Toronto and GTA

Toronto Real Estate Market Faces Economic Conditions Not Seen Since 90s

Why things are different from the last time we saw a market downturn in 2017.

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