November 2021

Move Smartly Report: November 2021

The Market Now & Next | Higher Interest Rates, Lower Home Prices? | Toronto’s Irrational Investors

October 2021

Move Smartly Report: October 2021

The Market Now | CMHC: Canadian Housing Market in ‘High Risk’ Territory | Ontario Realtors Urge Province to Ease Zoning Rules | A Closer Look At Toronto’s Housing Supply Problem

September 2021

Move Smartly Report: September 2021

The Market Now | Assessing the Housing Policy-Palooza | How Toronto Home Affordability Ran Away Under Justin Trudeau

August 2021

Move Smartly Report: August 2021

The Market Now | What Canada's Leaders Won't Say About Our Housing | The Big Toronto Condo Rental Comeback

July 2021

Move Smartly Report: July 2021

The Market Now | A Closer Look at the GTA's Cooling Market | How Investors Impact Home Prices

June 2021

Move Smartly Report: June 2021

What Could Make Home Prices Fall? | Household Debt Worries | Toronto Supply or Demand Problem?

May 2021

Move Smartly Report: May 2021

Investor Demand for Toronto Condos is Up | What Recent Canada Housing Policy Changes Mean for You | Why Does a Real Estate Brokerage Care About a Housing Bubble?

April 2021

Move Smartly Report: April 2021

The Year the Toronto Family Home Dream Died | Should You Buy a Home in Toronto Today? | How to Make Toronto Homes Affordable | Are Investors Exiting Toronto's Condo Market?

March 2021

Move Smartly Report: March 2021

Toronto’s Incredible Condo Market Turnaround | Are the Bank of Canada and CMHC Fuelling a Housing Bubble? | Does Toronto Have a House Supply Problem?

February 2021

Move Smartly Report: February 2021

Toronto’s Suburban Housing Bubble | Keeping an Eye on the Market | Monthly Statistics

January 2021

Move Smartly Report: January 2021

2020 Year In Review | 2021 The Year Ahead | Best Performing Neighbourhoods in Toronto & GTA

December 2020

Move Smartly Report: December 2020

Sales in Toronto’s Suburbs Booming | When Will Toronto's Condo Market Recover | New Federal Foreign Buyer Tax

November 2020

Move Smartly Report: November 2020

Toronto Condo Prices Down 9% from Peak | The Best and Worst Performing Condos Today

October 2020

Move Smartly Report: October 2020

Why Are Condo Units for Rent Surging in Toronto? | Buying and Selling During a Pandemic – What to Do First?

September 2020

Move Smartly Report: September 2020

Will Home Prices Fall In 2020? | Canada's Growing Debt Problem | Canadian Real Estate's "True Problem"?

August 2020

Move Smartly Report: August 2020

Condo Rental Inventory up 350% | The Deferral Cliff - Bank of Canada and CMHC at Odds

October 2018

The GTA Sees a Surge in Private Lending

With interest rates on the rise and mortgage stress tests making it harder for homeowners to refinance their mortgages, the GTA is seeing a surge in the number of homeowners turning to private financing. A Realosophy Realty-Teranet Joint Report.

April 2018

A Sticky End: Lessons Learned from Toronto's 2017 Real Estate Bubble

In 2017, the Toronto real estate market started the year with home prices up 34% in March over the previous year, then saw prices tumble 18% in just four months when the bubble burst. What was behind Toronto’s rapid house price appreciation, why did prices fall so rapidly and how were consumers affected by this market volatility?

March 2017

Freeholds on Fire: How Investor Demand is Driving Up Toronto Area Home Prices

Using an innovative method of measuring investor demand which looks at the number of houses being bought and immediately rented out, Realosophy’s John Pasalis finds evidence of speculative activity across the Greater Toronto Area. Cited by the Bank of Canada and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).