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What Does the Federal Election Result Mean for Canadian Real Estate?

Why the returning Liberal Government's first-time buyer incentives are unlikely to make much of a difference - and what policy changes would.

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Analyzing Canada's Housing Market: East Strengthens, West Weakens

Why are house prices sliding in the West of Canada, while the East returns to growth, with the Toronto Area's York Region leading the way?

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Why Buying a Home Could Be the First Step Towards a Divorce

Research shows that financial stress is among the top reasons couples get divorced. So why do we keep overspending on our homes?

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I Made My First Real Estate Decision When I Was 23 - And It Wasn’t a Great One

Launched this past fall, aims to address a critical gap in our adult education - how to meet our basic need for housing successfully.

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Why is Toronto's Real Estate Market Doing Better Than Vancouver's?

Toronto is doing better at the things that matter most and was less affected by negative factors.

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The Mistake That Cost Sellers Millions When Toronto's Housing Bubble Burst

This time last year, nearly 1,000 Toronto home buyers and sellers suffered major financial losses - could they have done something differently or was it just bad timing?

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Watch: The Cooling of an Overheated Market

Realosophy President and Move Smartly Writer John Pasalis joined Toronto Star’s Tess Kalinowski on TVO’s The Agenda's Nam Kiwanuka to talk about the cooling real estate market...

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