Bull Trap Risk + Where Are The Listings + Do We Blame Canada Housing Policy Too Much? — March 2023 Roundtable

It’s March Madness time and also time for another Toronto-Van City Real Estate Roundtable with Urmi, John and Steve!

This month, we talk about whether our current market rebound is just a bull trap, who is actually buying at these high interest rates and where the distressed sellers are at?

Also, given that we’re seeing housing booms now busting around the world, is it unfair to suggest that Canadian policy makers could have really prevented the same happening here?

And we return to answering your great audience questions along the way! 


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About This Series

Each month, MoveSmartly.com editor, Urmi Desai, talks to Steve Saretsky, Housing Analyst & Realtor at Oakwin Realty in Vancouver and John Pasalis, Housing Analyst, Broker and President, Realosophy Realty in Toronto about the latest data and on-the-ground insights in Canada's biggest residential real estate markets.

Special thanks to Jessy Bains, who originated this series when he was with Yahoo Canada Finance. We are pleased to continue this important conversation at MoveSmartly.com.

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Urmi Desai is Founding Editor at Move Smartly, a leader in Toronto real estate news & analysis, and is Realosophy Realty's Chief Content Officer with responsibility for Realosophy.com and all consumer education and tools.

Urmi holds a B.A. in Political Science and English from the University of Toronto and an M.A. from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Trade Economics) at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada).

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