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Toronto Real Estate Market Faces Economic Conditions Not Seen Since 90s

Why things are different from the last time we saw a market downturn in 2017.

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How to Adjust Your Home Selling Strategy When Prices Are Falling

In this latest video in a special series, lead contributor, John Pasalis of Realosophy Realty,...

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The Monthly Numbers   |   Toronto and GTA

July 2022 Market Update: Toronto Area House & Condo Prices Fall Again

Latest market numbers show that Toronto's house and condo prices falling up to 20% from peaks...

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How GTA House Prices Fell in 2017

How the Latest Employment Data Will Impact Our Mortgage Rates

Here is my take on how US and Canadian employment momentum (or the lack thereof) will impact...

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Toronto RE Market Faces Historic Eco Conditions

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How to Find Hidden Home Problems - Before You Buy

Good and Bad News About Taxes on the Resale of Pre-Con Properties

A clarification on the amount of HST to be applied to assignment sales after a confusing budget...

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Canada   |   Canada

How Do Canadian Home Prices Compare Globally?

The numbers show that Canada's home prices standout amongst comparable countries.

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Latest Market Stats By Neighbourhood


What Neighbourhood is Best for You?

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