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Lessons Learned From Toronto's 2017 Bubble

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What You Can Learn From Toronto's 2017 Real Estate Bubble

Today we're releasing a new report featuring my analysis of last year's real estate bubble - why...

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Costing Toronto's Bubble + Slower March Home Starts

Toronto's 2017 housing bubble hurt consumers and worsened affordability, with some areas...

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Homeowner, Court Tears Strip (Of Land) Off Neighbour

Gillean Gibb and Liliana Maria Pereira are next-door neighbours on Grosvenor St., in London, Ont.

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Defensive Home Buying Guide

How to Avoid Buying a Home with Illegal Parking

With the surge in real estate prices over the past few years, it’s not a wonder that the Toronto...

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The Cooling of an Overheated Market

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How to Buy a Home

Caution to those Buying a Home Based on School District

Back in October I wrote a blog post on the correlation between high performing school districts...

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