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Lessons Learned From Toronto's 2017 Bubble

Market   |   Toronto and GTA

Why are Detached House Prices Stable When Sales are Falling?

One of the questions I get often from buyers is how house prices can remain stable while sales...

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New Home Sales Hit Low + Millennials Want Their Own Backyards

Toronto: New home sales in GTA hit worst April in decades and the city puts focus on two and...

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How to Avoid Buying a Home with Illegal Parking

With the surge in real estate prices over the past few years, it’s not a wonder that the Toronto...

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Realosophy Guide

Defensive Home Buying Guide

$100K Dispute Over Lot Proves Importance of Land Surveys

A recent court case emphasizes the importance of using a survey and getting accurate property...

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The Mistake That Cost Sellers Millions When Toronto's Bubble Burst

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How to Buy a Home

Caution to those Buying a Home Based on School District

Back in October I wrote a blog post on the correlation between high performing school districts...

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Condo   |   Toronto and GTA

Drop in Toronto Condo Listings Keeps Prices Up

With Toronto Area condo sales down 26% in April 2018, many buyers are wondering why the condo...

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