The Market Now: Toronto Home Prices Level Off Due to Low Inventory | Why Are So Few Homes For Sale in Toronto?

Data   |   Toronto and GTA

Why Are So Few Homes Available For Sale in Toronto?

With demand for real estate falling off dramatically, why aren't we seeing the build-up of homes on...

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Expect Some Tough Love from the US Federal Reserve This Week

Why I believe the US Federal Reserve will surprise markets with more-hawkish-than-expected...

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The Monthly Numbers   |   Toronto and GTA

September 2022 Market Update: Toronto Home Prices Level Off Due to Low Inventory

August market numbers are out - and I review how they stack up against on the ground realities now.

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How GTA House Prices Fell in 2017

Advice   |   Toronto and GTA

Should I Buy While Toronto Homes Prices Are Falling?

It's a question a lot of people are asking me - here's what buyers are really asking and how I...

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Sept Roundtable: TO & Van City RE Now

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How to Find Hidden Home Problems - Before You Buy

It Can Cost More to Go After Your Buyer Deposit in Court When Deal Fails

Home buyers and sellers can avoid expensive legal judgments with more straightforward options to...

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The Big Story   |   Toronto and GTA

Toronto Real Estate Market Faces Economic Conditions Not Seen Since 90s

Why things are different from the last time we saw a market downturn in 2017.

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