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The GTA Sees a Surge in Private Lending

Market   |   Toronto and GTA

Did Toronto’s Housing Market Have a Soft Landing?

A soft landing in the housing market is a moderate and relatively balanced decline in house...

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TO Home Sales Fall To 10-Year Low + Airbnb Drains Housing Market

In the City: Home sales fall to 10-year low, the luxury market is expected to weather the storm...

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The Glaring Omission in the Bank of Canada’s Latest Forecast

Has the Bank of Canada rushed too far in front of an uncertain economy?

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Realosophy Guide

Defensive Home Buying Guide

Is It The Right Time to Downsize?

Realosophy's Nicole Harrington is hosting a live downsizing Q/A event with RBC in Port Credit,...

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How Sellers Lost Money in Toronto's Bubble

Toronto’s most authoritative real estate insights, delivered right to your inbox.

Realosophy Guide

How to Buy a Home

Should You Rent to Save More to Buy a Home?

Is renting until you can save more money the sure-fire solution for an expensive housing market...

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Condo Owner on the Hook for Inaccurate ‘Clean’ Status Certificate

What happens when an owner receives an incorrect status certificate issued by a condominium...

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