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Why the First Time Home Buyer Incentive is Bad Policy

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Why is Toronto's Real Estate Market Doing Better Than Vancouver's?

Toronto is doing better at the things that matter most and was less affected by negative factors.

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Home Sales Up In April + Toronto Is 12th Most Expensive Housing Market In World

In the City: Home sales perk up after dismal March and Toronto is named the world's 12th most...

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Data   |   Toronto and GTA

Toronto Real Estate in 2019:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good, the bad and the ugly details that might impact Toronto’s housing market in the year...

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Realosophy Guide

Defensive Home Buying Guide

I Made My First Real Estate Decision When I Was 23 - And It Wasn’t a Great One

Launched this past fall, TheMindfulBroker.com aims to address a critical gap in our adult...

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The Mindful Broker: Making Better Real Estate Decisions

Toronto’s most authoritative real estate insights, delivered right to your inbox.

Realosophy Guide

How to Buy a Home

Be Careful When You Review Property Purchase Agreements

What happens when there is a significant discrepancy between the way a home is described on an...

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Your Home Isn't Selling - Now What?

What I advise home sellers to do when their home is not selling - and why it differs from the...

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