The Market Now | A Closer Look at the GTA's Cooling Market | How Investors Impact Home Prices

Market   |   Toronto and GTA

A Closer Look at the GTA's Cooling Market

Signs that the market is still moving quickly, but not as out-of-control as it was months...

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What Expensive Housing Really Costs Toronto + Why Are US 'Blue' Cities So Unaffordable?

In Toronto: As real estate market slows, sellers are readjusting expectations and a new study...

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Mortgage-Rate Primer: Five Key Recent Posts

Here's the latest on news and developments  that may impact Canadian mortgage rates. 

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Advice   |   Toronto and GTA

Should You Buy a Home in Toronto's Overheated Market Today?

Is it financially safe and worth making so many other sacrifices - like a long commute or...

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When Will TO & Van City Prices Fall?

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How to Find Hidden Home Problems

Court Lets Home Sellers Keep $20K Buyer Deposit After Size Dispute

Can a buyer terminate a transaction and get their deposit back if the published listing...

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Policy   |   Toronto and GTA

Does Toronto Have a Supply or Demand Problem?

There are always some that will perennially argue that a lack of supply is the only problem...

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