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Lessons Learned From Toronto's 2017 Bubble

A Look Back at The U.S. Housing Crisis Ten Years Later

An insider looks back on the impact of the 2008 U.S. subprime mortgage crisis from a Canadian...

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Make an Offer, but Beware — In an Uncertain market, Property Law Can Hurt You

Home buyers need to come up with the money for a winning bid - even in a declining market.

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How Your Real Estate Agent Can Lose You a Deal

We offered less money and there was another offer on the table for more which the seller turned...

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Defensive Home Buying Guide

Condo   |   Toronto and GTA

How Canada's Mortgage Stress Tests Have Spiked Toronto Condo Prices

The Canadian federal government introduced new mortgage rules in the fall of 2016 to combat...

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How Sellers Lost in Toronto's Bubble

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How to Buy a Home

Market   |   Toronto and GTA

The Movement Towards Buying Cottages Instead of Homes

Can buying in outlying areas normally thought of as 'cottage country' be a viable way to get...

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Prince Edward County   |   Prince Edward County

Proposed Airbnb Regulations Coming for Prince Edward County

Buyers considering using a property  as an airbnb rental should have a viable “Plan B” based on...

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