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Lessons Learned From Toronto's 2017 Bubble

Data   |   Toronto and GTA

Why I Fought for Sold Data - and Why The Fight is Not Over

When will innovative Toronto-area brokerages like Realosophy finally be able to share home sold...

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Average Rent Hits New High + How Debt Is Cooling The Market

In the City: How debt may be the newest roadblock in the real estate market, average rent for a...

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The Unusual Listing Strategy That Can Maximize Your Home Selling Price

When listing your home for sale, it’s important to choose a selling strategy that is going to...

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Realosophy Guide

Defensive Home Buying Guide

U.S. Inflation Slows - But for How Long?

If you’re keeping an eye on Canadian mortgage rates, keep your other eye focused on what is...

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How Much Sellers Lost in Toronto's Bubble

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Realosophy Guide

How to Buy a Home

How Your Real Estate Agent Can Lose You a Deal

We offered less money and there was another offer on the table for more which the seller turned...

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Prince Edward County   |   Prince Edward County

Proposed Airbnb Regulations Coming for Prince Edward County

Buyers considering using a property  as an airbnb rental should have a viable “Plan B” based on...

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