2019 Toronto Real Estate Forecast

Policy   |   Toronto

Are Condo Units Really Sitting Empty in Toronto?

An investigation into the claim that thousands of Toronto investor-owned condos are sitting...

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Market   |   Toronto and GTA

Toronto Area Home Prices Climb as New Listings Plummet

The Toronto Area real estate market is heating up and getting competitive this winter as sales...

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Tory Reverses Course On TO Tax Hike + Invest Now in Canada Real Estate?

In Toronto: John Tory reverses course, vowing to increase and extend levy on property tax. 

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Defensive Home Buying Guide

Five Takeaways from the Bank of Canada’s Latest Policy Statement

Our current economic conditions suggest that lower interest rates may be coming soon, but the...

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How to Be More Mindful About Real Estate

Toronto’s most authoritative real estate insights, delivered right to your inbox.

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How to Buy a Home

What Does the Federal Election Result Mean for Canadian Real Estate?

Why the returning Liberal Government's first-time buyer incentives are unlikely to make much of...

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Changes I Noticed After I Started Making My Bed Every Morning

Because sometimes better real estate starts with making the best of what you already have.

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