2019 Toronto Real Estate Forecast

What Our Inverted Yield Curve Means for Canadian Mortgage Rates

If you are keeping an eye on mortgage rates, then you have probably been reading a lot about...

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Market   |   Toronto and GTA

A Turning Point for Toronto’s Condo Real Estate Market?

Condos have helped to prop up a drooping real estate market in the Toronto area - but has demand...

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Why Buying a Home Could Be the First Step Towards a Divorce

Research shows that financial stress is among the top reasons couples get divorced. So why do we...

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Realosophy Guide

Defensive Home Buying Guide

Your Home Isn't Selling - Now What?

What I advise home sellers to do when their home is not selling - and why it differs from the...

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The Mindful Broker: How to Think Clearly About Real Estate

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How to Buy a Home

What Happens When You Unknowingly Buy a Home Where There Was a Murder?

Is a homeowner obliged to disclose to a potential purchaser that the house was the site of a...

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Cottage   |   Prince Edward County

Proposed System for Licensing Airbnbs in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County announced its proposed system for licensing Airbnb’s at a packed public...

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