TO Real Estate & COVID-19

Tracking The Market in a Pandemic

How is Toronto Real Estate Hot With Unemployment at 14%?

In spite of three months of economic free fall due to COVID-19, the Toronto real estate market...

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A Record Breaking July In Toronto + Cottage Dream Reality Check

In Toronto: A record breaking July for the real estate market comes as realtors continue to see...

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Defensive Home Buying Guide

Average Condo Rents Fall in Toronto

 The average rent for a condo across the Toronto area is down, while units for rent climb.

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How to Be More Mindful About Real Estate

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How to Buy a Home

Neighbourhood   |   Toronto and GTA

In-Depth Profiles for All Toronto and GTA Neighbourhoods

Research over 500+ Toronto Area neighbourhoods to see which fit your lifestyle needs - and offer...

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Vertical Life: What Happens When a Condo Neighbour is Smoker?

A new legal judgement suggests that Ontario condo boards must act reasonably towards owners...

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