Unpacking the Liberal’s ‘Housing First’ Federal Budget

Canada’s governing Liberals have released a federal budget to solve the housing crisis as they head off low polling numbers ahead of next year’s election.

Urmi and John discuss the background and efficacy of the many measures proposed including: subsuming immigration policy and targets to housing realities, an increased capital gains tax that will hit some housing investors, an extended ban on foreign buyers, and a pile of supply-side policies that is aimed at yielding a net 2 million new homes by 2031.

We take a close look at all housing measures announced, including: 

  • Supply-side initiatives largely provide more low-cost loans and federal government land leasing opportunities to those building purpose-built rental housing
  • Other supply measures including tying more municipal funding for transit to housing incentives, supporting new home building technology and training more labour in the building industry
  • The Liberals change course and situate immigration as a key housing demand driver, requiring stronger limits for both permanent and non-permanent immigration categories 
  • Other demand measures include extending the foreign buyer ban and limiting other investor activity, alongside more first-home home buyer initiatives
Which of these initiatives - if anything - will actually make a difference?

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