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How Does the Canada Federal Budget Impact Home Buyers & Sellers?

While the federal budget won't make homes more affordable in Canada, average buyers and sellers won't be impacted by policy-induced market shocks either.

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What Should the Government Do About Canada's Overheating Real Estate Market?

Ahead of this Monday's Federal Budget, John Pasalis shares his views on what our politicians should do to make Canadian homes more affordable.

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Why Relaxing the Mortgage Stress Test Won't Impact Toronto (Too) Much

John Pasalis, President of Realosophy Realty, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss needed changes to Canada's mortgage stress tests - and why it is unlikely to make a big impact on...

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Analyzing Canada's Housing Market: East Strengthens, West Weakens

Why are house prices sliding in the West of Canada, while the East returns to growth, with the Toronto Area's York Region leading the way?

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A Trade War Would Push Down Our Mortgage Rates, But Don’t Wish for It

A trade war with the U.S. would likely impact mortgage borrowers in Canada - in more ways than you might think.

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Will More Job Losses Delay the Bank of Canada’s Next Interest Rate-Hike?

Last Friday Statistics Canada confirmed that our economy lost an estimated 7,500 jobs in May, which was a much worse result than the 23,500 job gain the consensus had been...

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ZooCasa – Canadian Home Search With Smarts

John in Real Estate Trends

There’s a new way to search for houses online in Canada, and it’s not

Zoocasa, a Canadian real estate search site backed by Rogers...

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