What You Need to Know About Building a Fourplex in Toronto: An Interview with Sean Galbraith

Toronto City Council has just voted turn over the ban on fourplexes in the city's so called "yellow zone" of single family homes - so what does it all mean?

In the second part of Move Smartly's look into zoning battles and density debates in Toronto and Ontario,  John Pasalis, President and Broker of Realosophy Realty talks to urban planning expert Sean Galbraith about Toronto's move to allow fourplexes across the city. 

Sean is an urban planner who assists clients in procuring planning permissions as President of Sean Galbraith & Associates Urban Planning Services in Toronto.

Toronto City Council has recently voted to allow for the building of fourplexes across Toronto, opening up the so-called ‘yellow belt’ to allow for more housing density. John talks to Sean about what’s involved in building a fourplex, what impact the recent policy change will have on this process and how much this change will actually help Toronto deal with its overall housing affordability crisis.

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John Pasalis is President and Broker of Realosophy Realty in Toronto. A specialist in real estate data analysis, John’s research focuses on unlocking micro trends in the Greater Toronto Area real estate market. His research has been utilized by the Bank of Canada, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

A leader in real estate analytics, Realosophy educates consumers at Realosophy.com and MoveSmartly.com and helps clients make better decisions when buying and selling a home.

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