Move Smartly Hits 1,000 Subscribers!

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We are excited to announce that the Move Smartly Toronto Real Estate and Neighbourhoods blog has just reached the 1,000 subscriber mark!

Thank you for helping us get here.

When we started our little blog, we set out to do things differently, but we had no idea where we’d end up. We wanted to provide easy to understand, original analysis to help home buyers and sellers make better real estate decisions. In addition to providing regular industry updates, we focused on taking a critical look at the mainstream media and industry watchers.

In hindsight, we probably underestimated the work and mental energy it takes to pump out quality posts on a consistent basis. And we didn’t realize that so many would see our comments section as an easy way to sell you “sure fire, win-win, can’t miss out” real estate in Florida/Costa Rica/Dubai/Antarctica (see our current comments policy here). Above all, we didn’t anticipate that it actually takes lot of courage to say something original and balanced, in an industry often fraught with hyperbole, vague pronouncements, and, quite frankly, anger issues.

We have been lucky to count on some of the best commentators in the business to help us meet our goals – Bob Aaron on legal issues, our newest writer David Larock on financial matters and Realosophy’s own John Pasalis on the state of the real estate market and industry. Thanks also original team members that got us started back in 2007 – Rachel Loizos and Jesse Fleming. Most importantly, we have been able to rely on our readers to ask thoughtful questions and share interesting experiences to keep us motivated and on our toes.

This fall, look for the Realosophy sales team to keep you up to date on the latest real estate news/gossip from Toronto neighbourhoods that interest you. You’ll also hear from more guest writers bringing you new and differing perspectives on all things real estate.

Thank you again for reading and sharing our blog with your family and friends - here’s to the next 1,000!

PS In case you are wondering, the counter at the top right of the blog is a bit flaky, but our internal tracker assures us we've hit 1,000!

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