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Fall 2018

Defensive Home Buying

Online E-Course


It means capturing as much of the upside that real estate has to offer while minimizing its downside risks.  

We love seeing our clients make better decisions so we created this online e-course to help us reach more consumers.

You do not need to be working with a Realosophy agent or any other agent to take it. In fact - this is the course you should be taking before you go out looking at houses or working with an agent. 

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Fall 2017

Is This the Right Time to Buy a Home?

Workshop  |  Realosophy, 1152 Queen Street East Toronto M4M 1L2

Most home buyers focus too much of their attention on trying to predict the real estate market and not enough time thinking about the personal plans and the strategies they can use to help ensure they’re making a smart and safer buying decision.

This talk will answer the following questions:

  • Under what circumstances should I not be buying a home?
  • How do people lose money in real estate – and what strategies can I take to safeguard my investment?
  • What are the most common mistakes buyers make that makes their home purchase a riskier investment than it needs to be?
Fall 2017

Real Estate Roundtable: Buy, Sell or Run? – Hellenic Canadian Board of Trade

Panel Discussion  |  Scotia Plaza, 40 King Street West, Suite 5800 Toronto M5H 1H1

With the surge in housing prices this past spring, and the government’s efforts to cool the market, there has never been more interest (and speculation!) in the real estate market. Join our esteemed panel to discuss current issues in both the residential and commercial real estate markets:

Tim Syrianos, President, Toronto Real Estate Board and Broker of Record/Owner of RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc.

John Pasalis, President and Broker of Realosophy Realty Inc.

Ted Tsiakopoulos, Regional Economist Ontario, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

George Georgopoulos, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, York University

Spring 2017

Surviving Canada’s Housing Market: Strategies for Home Ownership – Empire Club of Canada

Panel Discussion  |  The Spoke Club, 1st Floor 600 King Street West Toronto M5V 1M3

An evening of conversation, debate and networking with:

Alex Avery, Managing Director, Institutional Equity Research, Global Markets, CIBC Capital Markets

John Pasalis, Founder & President, Realosophy

Jeff Rubin, Economist and Author of the End of Growth

Moderator: Greg Bonnell, Real Estate Reporter/Anchor, BNN

Spring 2017

How to Use Data to Make Better Home Buying Decisions

Workshop  |  Realosophy, 1152 Queen Street East Toronto M4M 1L2

Today's home buyer has access to more data than ever before. But how can you use this info to make smarter real estate decisions?

This talk will highlight how data and information technology help you:

  • Avoid the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area neighbourhoods where prices are likely to fall further
  • Decide which neighbourhoods are a safer bet in a slowing market
  • Determine which condos are a bad investment
  • Find hidden issues with houses - before you buy
Fall 2016

Making Sense of Real Estate Bubbles

Workshop  |  Realosophy, 1152 Queen Street East Toronto M4M 1L2

For many home buyers, their biggest fear is buying at the peak of a real estate bubble – just before prices begin a rapid decline.

This talk will help make sense of real estate bubbles by looking at the insights of Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller who successfully predicted the dot com tech bubble and the US housing bubble.

Spring 2016

Schools for Home Buyers

Workshop  |  Realosophy, 1152 Queen Street East Toronto M4M 1L2

Are you a home buyer wondering about schools?

Many home buyers worry about the impact on their school quality – but many of our concerns are based on assumptions. We focus on concrete data to examine the relationship between school quality and house prices.

This talk, delivered in Realosophy’s trademark style – fresh, data-driven and frank – will address your key questions including:

  • How does school quality impact my house value?
  • How can I compete for houses in good school districts when there are so many crazy bidding wars?
  • Will I be able to sell my house if I buy into a school district that is not that great today?
  • Which school district is most likely to improve in the future?