Off-hours in Toronto: Monday

A semi-regular feature highlighting things to do on weekdays and other non-peak times.

Volunteer - Canadian Red Cross Society Monday Morning Breakfast - Every Monday

Location: Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 520 Sherbourne (see Jarvis Street Corridor Neighbourhood Profile)

Around the world, communities based on religion, culture or geography are being replaced by communities of interest, a shift powered by the internet. This has no doubt enabled many people to live richer and truer lives. One downside to community based on the transient nature of our interests may be the loss of “slow relationships” – relationships built by meeting at the same time and place over years. Fight the sense of being lonely amidst a busy calendar by getting back to some old fashioned neighbourhood volunteering. The Canadian Red Cross Society is looking for food/kitchen prep help at their Monday Morning Breakfast for the Homeless – see listing at for more details.

Trampoline Hall Lectures - Monday July 19 at 8pm

Location: The Garrison, 1197 Dundas West (see Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Profile)

Remember those high school events where your fellow students took the stage to make speeches? (At my school, the occasion was usually highly fraught student elections a la Tracy Flick.) You either slept or watched uneasily until you found yourself laughing out loud to a joke that was actually meant to be a joke, leaving you with that warm “damn, that girl is good” feeling. At Trampoline Hall, normally held one Monday a month, you get to feel that way again and again. Each session, a guest curator invites three non-expert speakers (local artists, activists, personalities, etc.), each speaks about a (generally loopy) topic, the crowd gets involved in QAs, hilarity ensues. The result is a Toronto that is smart, funny and cool. Just like your high school crush. See the Trampoline Hall website for more info.

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