Realosophy's Unique BOUGHT Signs Catch Attention

Urmi Desai in Realosophy News

Thanks to our friend Matthew Slutsky at for his recent post about Realosophy's unique BOUGHT signs (go to post).

You'll see these signs on the front lawns of home buyers we've worked with.

I came up with the BOUGHT concept during the launch of our partnership with Toronto Life Magazine for their 2010 Real Estate Guide (learn more). We wanted to highlight that the satisfaction of a buyer with the home they've purchased is a key metric by which Realosophy sales representatives measure their success.

All too often, the industry pays more attention to home sellers. But it's home buyers that are often the most vulnerable in a real estate transaction (mainly because they often know the least about the neighbourhood and home they're moving into).

It's why Realosophy started as a consumer website which analyzes neighbourhood statistics for the benefit of both home sellers and home buyers. Because real estate works best when both sides in a sales transaction are comfortable with their level of knowledge and are confident about the decisions they are making.

The BOUGHT sign quickly became a sharp visual shorthand for one of our core beliefs.

Look for it on lawns near you!

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