Toronto Real Estate Roundup November 25th 2011

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Toronto Condo Bubble: The Industry Weighs In

There has been a lot of talk about a bubble in Toronto's pre-construction condo market lately. 

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing several articles from people actively involved in the condo market who are challenging the idea that Toronto's condo market is looking like a bubble. Some of the arguments are more weighty than others, but all are worth a read.  

I'll take a look at some of these arguments next week and will see how they stack up against my own thoughts on the market.


Are new condos overvalued compared to resale units? (Toronto Star)

Why we're not in a condo bubble (New Condo Guide)

A condo bubble in Toronto? Forget about it, says Urbanation's Ben Myers (BuzzBuzzHome)

Are there too many condos in Toronto? (BuzzBuzzHome)


More Condo News

Time to Give Resale Another Look? (True Condos)

Cap Rates and Condos (True Condos)

Top 10 Tallest Condos in Toronto (Talk Condo)

City plays Donald Trump—Doug Ford gets excited, Adam Vaughan is not enthused (Toronto Life)

City to partner with Tridel in 75-storey waterfront condo (Globe an Mail)


Are Canadian House Prices Overvalued?

Will the hammer drop on house prices? (Globe an Mail)

House of horrors, part 2 (Economist)

Top 10 property safe havens abroad (The Telegraphy)

Housing affordability improves slightly (680 News)

Where Housing Affordability Stands in Canada (RBC)


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