How To Fit a (Snow &) Mudroom Into a Smaller Home

Drowning in the parkas, snow pants and boots of winter and cramped for space? Consider a less traditional approach to creating a mudroom. Mudrooms are one of my favourite spaces in the home. I love that they can be set up to keep everyone in the family organized.

Since we live in a fairly small condo, I never considered creating a mudroom for us when we first moved in four years ago. I didn't think of it because there wasn't any space for a traditional mudroom. But now that we have three kids, I’m finding a greater need for a space to keep all of our coats, bags and shoes organized. Especially in the winter, we have so many jackets, snow pants and accessories.

Definitely one of the negatives of living in a small space is not being able to have a traditional mudroom. Nevertheless, I did figure out how to create a mini “mudroom” in our main hallway and I’ve shared how I did it in this video:

Whether you live in a large or small space, I think it’s important to have a designated spot for each family member's coat, accessories, bag and shoes. It really helps keep everyone organized and will speed up the morning routine. I’ve compiled a list of various elements that could be included in a mudroom. Simply choose what works for your space and create an organized and functional mudroom in your home.

  • Bench/Sitting area
  • Baskets/Bins
  • Hooks
  • Key rack
  • Tray for coins/wallet etc.
  • Calendar
  • Chalkboard/Whiteboard
  • First Aid Kit
  • Umbrellas
  • Mirror
  • Shoe storage
  • Floor mat
  • Labels/Names
  • Dog leash/toys/accessories

If you already have an organized and functional mudroom, let me know what you find useful having in your mudroom. 

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