3 Small Appliances Worth Having (Even If You Have A Tiny Kitchen)

When you have a small kitchen, you can't afford to have appliance regrets - here are a few with lasting power.

I’ve always had a small kitchen and over the years, I’ve tried out quite a few small appliances. Since my space is so limited, I couldn't keep all of them. Today I thought I’d share which ones have been worth keeping. I should also mention that this blog post is not sponsored, I genuinely use all of these appliances regularly and think they’re worth having, even in a tiny kitchen.

1.  Nespresso

My husband and I use this machine every single day. I have a latte and he has an Americano. We have the original version - Lattissima. We love it because the coffee tastes amazing. Sipping on a cappuccino from this machine reminds us of a trip we took to Italy when we first got married. We had some of the best cappuccinos there and now we can have them at home every single day.

2.  Air Fryer

This is a fairly new discovery for me, but I know it’s here to stay. I got rid of my toaster oven and replaced it with an air fryer. Not only does this machine make toast, but I can make all sorts of quick, healthy and delicious meals in it. I’ve used it to make fish and chips, chicken wings, cauliflower bites, grilled cheese, jalapeño poppers, eggplant parmesan and so many other delicious dishes. It’s awesome for reheating food and very easy to clean. I highly recommend that you replace your toaster or toaster oven with one of these!

3.  Instant Pot

I was also late to jump on the Instant Pot bandwagon, but I’m so glad that I did. Again, another great appliance that helps me quickly prepare delicious meals. It’s great for soups, stews, rice, eggs and a million other things. It’s very easy to use, there are tons of recipes online and it’ll help you cook like a pro. Before owning this thing, I never made Indian food. My husband loves Indian food. Guess who knows how to make some of the best Indian dishes now? I do! And it’s all thanks to the Instant Pot and all the amazing recipes that people have shared online.

In this week's video, I shared 5 hacks that’ll help you maximize the space in your small kitchen.


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:o) Vaishali

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Vaishali Sahni is a mama of 3 and her family of 5 currently lives in an 850 sq ft condo in downtown Toronto. She’s an elementary school teacher by day and YouTuber, Instagrammer and blogger by night. She loves to post content about simplifying and organizing your life! Vaishali’s blog posts appear weekly on Move Smartly and on her blog, Tiny and Tidy.

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