The Biggest Risks You Should be Aware of When Working with a Buyer's Agent

With over 60,000 real estate agents working in Toronto, how can you ensure your agent is working properly to best represent your interests?

In the video above (you can read full transcript below), I describe what to look for.

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Full Video Transcript

So real estate agents don't have the best reputation. They're probably right up there with used car salesmen and for a very good reason.  And not because they are all unethical, which I think is the common assumption a lot  of people have.

From my experience, the bigger issue is that in a market like Toronto, there are 60,000 agents.  And if you just look at the numbers, on average, most agents are only selling maybe three or  four houses a year. And when you only sell three or four houses a year, you're not very experienced. And you don't really know what you're doing.  You're kind of hacking your way through this business and trying to make a sale.

And I think that's how a lot of home buyers feel, that their agents are really just opening  up lock boxes and letting them into homes and aren't really advising them. And I think as a home buyer, one of the biggest mistakes buyers can make is to assume that their agent is really representing them and doing the proper due diligence and  properly advising them.

Because a lot of what we do in my office, my agents, myself, half of the time, we spend worrying about what can go wrong in a real estate transaction. I mean, we meet every Tuesday and all the time we're talking about ways to mitigate risk, ways to avoid some of the downsides that can happen when in real estate.

And I think with a lot of agents, when they're not selling a lot of houses, they don't even know what the risks are. So they don't even know what to look into to kind of mitigate some of the downsides.

So again, as a home buyer, I think it's important to not just blindly assume, you know, that your agent is doing the right due diligence, that your agent is advising you properly on the value of the home before you're bidding on it.

And really, this is one of the key goals of this course is really to empower home buyers tomorrow so that they're more knowledgeable and kind of look at what their agent's doing  and assess whether they're doing a good job or not, especially in a market that's competitive like Toronto.

When you're about to make an offer on a home, is your agent telling you what the home's worth? Are they giving you a reasonable value range based on data and numbers and comparables and facts?  Or are they just asking you how much you're willing to pay and what your max price is?

So again, I think as a home buyer, you want to step back and kind of think about what your agent is doing, not just assume they're always doing the best job. And again, it's not necessarily because the agents out there are bad.

Many of them just don't know what to do and they're not quite as experienced. You know, our agents sell, you know, maybe 15 houses a year.  They're very busy.  They know what to worry about mainly because we talk every single week.

So hopefully with this course, you're going to be more empowered  and you're going to be thinking a little bit more about what your agent is doing so that even if they're not doing everything to protect your best interest, at least you're empowered with a little bit more information so that you can do a little  bit more due diligence. You can do a little bit more research on your own so that you can move forward far more confident that you're making a good realistic decision in the future.

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