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October 29, 2008



I have a "stigmatized" property FOR SALE in Rome City, IN that is the place where apparitions of the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of America took place in 1956. These have been approved by the Catholic Church as being authentic and the devotion which sprouted from it is being supported by the Pope.

I can say with no uncertainty that when a place like this is the scene of something so remarkable, it lasts forever and all those who visit can feel the presence quite easily.

DL Burke

I would like to hear more about the property for sale in Rome City that alledgely had Blessed Mother appear there.

What is the price? Square footage? Land acreage? Bedrooms, baths, fireplace, garden, fruit trees etc.

Thank you

DL Burke

Could you send me info about the hours in Rome City?



go to www.oltiv.org for all the info on the property and the devotion.

email me directly through info@oltiv.org and I will send you details.


All of the comments about are very likely from the same person trying to sell his property.

He probably just googled something like "paranormal real estate" and got to this blog.

And now he is spamming the comments...

Move Smartly

Thank you Patrice,
The commenter Lars posted several other comments using different names that promoted this property. Those comments have been deleted.

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