The Royal Canadian Military Institute at 426 University Avenue: Salvation Through Construction?

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The 100-year old Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) is the latest Toronto landmark to be slated for new development. Tribute Community developers have proposed a high rise condominium be built on the site that currently resides at 426 University Avenue. According to the National Post, this will be the only residential building located on University Avenue between Adelaide Street and Bloor Street.

In a previous post, I had expressed my dislike for new edifice taking the place of our collective history. In the case of RCMI, a much-needed, multi-million dollar renovation runs the risk of not receiving necessary funding which could drive the building into further disrepair. Will the cannons remain? Only time will tell.

The heritage building will retain its wonderful outside appearance which will span the first three floors of the new building; RCMI will be housed within the first seven floors. Upon city approval, this building will meld, as a reader recently pointed out, the steel and concrete of our more recent history with the stone masonry of our past.

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Photo credit: Royal Canadian Military Institute

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