Media Roundup - July 20th, 2007

In the News

The Toronto Star features an interesting article which discusses the impact of our aging population on our city.  "But where once these homes were occupied by families with children, those kids have now grown up and left home.  This pattern, repeated over and over again, means that the population of the city's neighbourhoods has declined about 30%."

Apparently Torontonians are not the only ones in love with Kensington Market.  British architect Will Alsop, known for his design of the OCAD Sharp Centre for Design, has a show of paintings at Olga Korper Gallery inspired by his visits to Kensington Market.  Head over to Spacing Wire to catch an interview with the architect-cum-painter.

Also in the Star: Immigrants are bringing a youthful look to Toronto's Flemingdon Park neighbourhood.

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