Media Roundup - August 10th, 2007

In the News

GardinerWhat to do with the Gardiner Expressway?  Dreams of taking down Toronto's elevated
highway probably began before construction was even completed.  Seeing as the highway doesn't appear to be coming down any time soon, Leslie Scrivener of the Toronto Star shares some examples of how other cities have learned to love their elevated highways.  Check out this spacing post for some good photos on the subject.

The Globe and Mail reports that shifts in demographics and employment patterns are driving condominium sales in the 905 area.

Linda McQuaig weighs in on the land transfer tax debate by concluding that since "home ownership is already out of reach for ordinary people," it makes sense to tax the remaining "privileged homeowning elite."  But perhaps this would just make a bad situation for first-time HomeBuyers even worse? 

The Donald Trump of Toronto, Harry Stinson,  is on some pretty shaky ground.  Apparently his partner, David Mirvish, has "lost all confidence in Mr. Stinson as a person with whom to do business."  Mr. Mirvish is going to court to get the $11.8 million that he claims Stinson owes him. 

Filmport1 Filmport2 The city recently unveiled designs for the Filmport by Will Alsop and Quadrangle Architects.  So far, the designs have been referred to as a bad piece of "plop" sculpture and even a cheese-grater.  Only time will tell if the building ends up being an 'iconic landmark' - in that good sort of way.

Get out to celebrate the life of Ed Mirvish this Sunday by attending a free party at his eponymous emporium at Bloor and Bathurst, and don't forget that the Taste of the Danforth festival is also on this weekend.

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