Media Roundup - August 25th, 2007

In the News

The Star reports that store owners near The Other Danforth - the strip around Greenwood Avenue - are hoping that Tim Hortons can breath some life into their neighbourhood.  At least one Move Smartly writer understands why this may be seen as a move up, having spent her youth perched on the edge of a Coffee Time waiting for Mom to get off work at a nearby Coxwell medical centre.  But the jury is out on whether this Timmy-Esso fuel-up fits in with Toronto's particular vision of high-density living.

The Toronto real estate market sets another record for the first half of August. 

The National Post weighs in on why the Toronto condo market just won't quit.  The Globe and Mail wonders if the next condo boom will be in Oakville or Burlington.  But be forewarned: the Globe does recognize that units priced at approx. $950,000 to $2,600,000 in rather well-heeled Oakville are "out of reach for most first-time buyers."  More reasonably-priced units ($250,000 to $400,000) are on offer in nearby Burlington.

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