Media Roundup - November 23, 2007

Media Roundup

The National Post reports that Toronto is North America's condo King with condo sales reaching a projected 21,000 by the end of this year.  By comparison, New York usually records about 10,000 condo sales a year.

Housing News

Councillor Ootes is pressuring the City to sell off its high-value single family dwellings which are subsidized for those with low incomes.  The idea is that one of these $500,000 plus homes housing a single family could be sold off and the money divided among several families who would presumably find suitable high-rise units on the edges of the city.  But do all families in need of housing assistance belong in the same tower blocks?

Urban News

A great post from on how pedestrians in Athens are taking back the streets from unruly drivers - and rather carefree parkers.  Though the activist collective - self-styled the 'Street Panthers' - provides in-depth analysis of the problem in Greek, some pictures tell a universal story.

City News

And yes, Toronto experienced its first snowfall this week.  For those who are prone to snowflake-induced anxiety, here is the City's coping plan.

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