Media Roundup - November 2nd, 2007

Media Roundup

The turnaround is complete.  Maureen O'Neill, President of the Toronto Real Estate Board, is now striking an expert task force to address the problem of fake or phantom bids - a problem she claimed to be unaware of when campaigning for her current position.

Georgie Binks, writing for CBC, reminds us that gridlock is major problem in Toronto.  While we may be out to discourage car use, it is here to stay in North America.  Either hate the car and ban it, suggests Binks, or do something to help move the cars that remain.

And in breaking news, the City has been able to partner with developers to ensure that Queen West Triangle is developed in a manner that enhances the presence of arts and culture in Toronto. The National Post's Kelly Grant suggests that the agreement “could hopefully serve as a model. It’s not really just about the
Triangle. It’s about making Toronto a place that doesn’t become a
bedroom community for the suburbs.”

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Photo credit (above): KLB Community Consulting


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