Letting it All Hang Out: Ontario's Clothesline Ban Lifted....Finally

Jesse Fleming in Urban Issues

“There is a whole generation of kids growing up today who think a clothesline is a wrestling move,” Premier McGuinty quipped during his announcement that Ontario’s residents are free to use clotheslines, overriding restrictions, especially in newer developments, that stipulate otherwise.  As I had promised in a previous post, I have been keeping an eye out for this news which came just in time for Ontarians to take advantage of the first glorious weekend of 2008 and the apparent transition from winter directly into summer, skipping the minor detail that is spring.  Mother Nature sure is a fickle one.

Reiterating what I had mentioned before, clotheslines not only prolong the life of your dryer but also reduce your energy bills - the dryer is one of the highest energy users in a home, playing second fiddle only to the refrigerator.  For those who do not have a clothesline, Toronto Hydro-Electric System is giving them away for free at select Toronto retail locations throughout late-April and early-May.  A free clothesline and utility bill savings is really a win-win situation.

This step in the environmentally right direction pertains only to semi and fully detached homes and townhouses.  I had my fingers crossed that the clothesline allowance would be inclusive towards apartment and condominiums, depending on their layout, but no such luck.  For now, I have to remain content in my alternative methods of energy reduction.

Jesse Fleming is a freelance writer based in Toronto.
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