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The neighbourhood of Bennington Heights lies south of neighbourhoods of Leaside and Davisville Village.  It is a quiet residential area that extends off of Bayview Avenue just before the beginning of the Bayview extension (check out Realosophy’s Bennington Heights Neighbourhood Profile for local housing and school stats).

According to Toronto Life, Bennington Heights contains “a mixture of the grand and the ordinary, with
modest bungalows sidling up to stone château-style mansions.”
  This was my observation as well.  Bungalows back onto the ravine while two-storied homes of varying sizes, designs and textures line the streets that wind throughout the majority of the neighbourhood.  Some houses are close to the quiet streets and some are set back and hidden by shady trees and hedges.

Traffic is minimal and mostly limited to those who live in the community, their visitors and daily activity around Bennington Heights School, the elementary school of Toronto writer Margaret Atwood.  Although the bulk of the neighbourhood is residential, there are  amenities conveniently located along Moore Avenue, including a large shopping facility. 

The tiny enclave of Bennington Heights is bounded by Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Moore Park Ravine ravine and Bennington Park.  The combination of the three preserve Bennington Heights’ boundaries without being obtrusive and provide great scenery for many of the houses in the neighbourhood.

Jesse Fleming is a freelance writer based in Toronto.
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