Media Roundup - September 12th 2008

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

Housing starts jump, led by Ontario (Globe and Mail)

Ontario leads rebound in home construction (National Post)

Toronto condos drive national housing starts (National Post)

Uptick in Canadian Housing Starts Seen as Temporary (CEP News)

Urban real estate values set to plunge, UBC expert forecasts (CBC)

Housing market continues to cool (Globe and Mail)

Cost of homes outpaces incomes: investment firm (Montreal Gazette)

Soft landing predicted for real estate (Montreal Gazette)

Canadian New Home Price Index Continues to Ease in July (CEP News)

Canadian Home Prices Headed for Decline, Economist Says (CEP News)

US Real Estate News

Fannie Mae, Freddie `House of Cards' Prompts Takeover (Bloomberg)

US housing solution is not a good one to follow (Financial Times)

Economic News

Economist Says U.S. recovery Unlikely Before 2009 (CEP News)

PM Says Federal Policies Have Helped Protect Canada from Global Slowdown (CEP News)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

Letter from Ossington Avenue (II): Tragically, this street is now too hip (National Post)

City dragging its feet on Distillery condo towers, developers say (National Post)

A curvaceous addition to the waterfront (National Post)

All bets off for Lightbox launch date (Globe and Mail)

Regional Canadian Real Estate News

Vancouver Market Analysis August 2008 (Vancouver Reflections)

Heresy Unplugged (Yatter Matters)

Saskatoon real estate: Week in review (September 1-5, 2008) (Saskatoon Online)

Calgary Market Report - September 2008 (Andrew Kyle's Blog)

What you need to know about credit scoring: Part II (Montreal Real Estate Blog)

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