Media Roundup - October 3rd, 2008

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

Housing market could soften more but not crash: CIBC (Globe and Mail)

Canadian house prices seen easing, not slumping (Reuters)

No trigger for a Canadian house price crash: CIBC economist (CBC)

Housing sales slow as market sags in Canada (Globe and Mail)

Mortgage rates climb as squeeze tightens (Globe and Mail)

What's the best strategy as mortgage rates rise? (Globe and Mail)

Prudent Canada won't experience a U.S.-style housing collapse (Vancouver Sun)

Economist Sees Modest Correction for Canadian Housing Market in Near Future (CEP News)

Canada's Existing Home Sales Continue to Retreat From Record 2007 Levels (CEP News)

High-end home sales slow (Toronto Star)

US Real Estate News

U.S. foreclosure filings soar (Globe and Mail)

U.S. home prices continue to fall (Globe and Mail)

US home prices plunge record 16.3 pct in July -S&P (Reuters)

Economic News

Worried about Ontario's future (Welland Tribune)

Canada Will Feel U.S. Problems, But Won't Suffer as Much, U.S. Investment Guru Says (CEP News)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

TEDCO to be replaced by two new companies (Toronto Business Times)

Toronto mayor wins praise for new development agencies (Globe and Mail)

Regional Canadian Real Estate News

Home-price slide in double digits (Calgary Herald)

Saskatoon real estate: Week in review (September 22-26, 2008) (Saskatoon Online)

Real Estate Sales Higher Than Expected in Edmonton (Edmonton Real Estate Blog)

Sales Have Flushing Sound (Yatter Matters)

House prices drop below 2007 levels (Vancouver Condo Info)

Real Estate Glossary: W (Montreal Real Estate Blog)

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