Media Roundup November 28th, 2008

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

Volatile areas and house types skew averages (National Post)

Market's ripe for real estate investors (Toronto Star)

Mortgage rates chopped by 2 Canadian banks (CBC)

Where interest rates are headed (Globe and Mail)

Pension plans hold the bulk of real estate investments (Toronto Star)

More Canadians Opting for Variable Rate Mortgages  (CEP News)

Housing Affordability Improves in Canada in Q3, Desjardins Report Says  (CEP News)

US Real Estate News

New U.S. mortgage crisis looms (Globe and Mail)

New home sales, prices fall again in U.S. (Globe and Mail)     

Home prices rising (All About Cities)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

Road tolls back on GTA's agenda (National Post)

Jane Jacobs or Adam Smith (Creative Class)

Creative destruction from Wal-mart’s arrival (All About Cities)

Regional Canadian Real Estate News

Vancouver Real Estate - Tide Change (Yatter Matters)

Screwed (Yatter Matters)

How Vancouver Real Estate is Impacted by Immigration (Vancouver Reflections)

Saskatoon Real Estate: Week in Review (November 17-21, 2008)  (Saskatoon Online)

Real Estate Glossary: Z (Montreal Real Estate Blog)

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