Media Roundup November 7th, 2008

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

CMHC cuts housing forecast as permits rise (Toronto Star)

As prices tumble, homeowners best prepare for the long haul (Globe and Mail)

Toronto home sales plunge 35 per cent (Toronto Star)

Toronto real estate slide continues (National Post)

Urbanation's Q3-2008 Toronto Condominium Market Highlights (CNW)

Safe as houses? (Globe and Mail)

The Case for Variable-rate Mortgages (Canadian Mortgage Trends)

Is the Toronto Condo Market Crashing? (Andrew la Fleur)

US Real Estate News

Fewer Canadians buy U.S. homes as currency weakens (USA Today)

Economic News

Canada is Only G7 Country Expected to Grow Next Year, Says IMF Report  (CEP News)

Recession not in cards: think-tank (Ottawa Citizen)

Ontario to collect $347-million payout (Globe and Mail)

Blame high oil prices for recession, CIBC says (Globe and Mail)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

Homeowners raise stink over pay-as-you-throw garbage system (Globe and Mail)

Plans for waterfront should be at the forefront (Toronto Star)

Final verdict on CityPlace will take years (Toronto Star)

Regional Canadian Real Estate News

Vancouver Housing Market Analysis for October 2008 (Vancouver Reflections)

Vancouver Britich Columbia Real Estate Average Prices (Yatter Matters)

Steady Edmonton Real Estate Market Maintains Stability (Edmonton Real Estate Blog)

A Closer Look at the Saskatoon Real Estate Statistics for October 2008 (Saskatoon Online)

October Newfoundland Real Estate MLS Stats (St. John's Real Estate Blog)

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