Media Roundup December 5th, 2008

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

Temperatures and home sales drop in November (National Post)

Record 3 per cent decline in Canadian housing values (

Recession threat weighs on housing markets  (Globe and Mail)

Stuck on the market (Globe and Mail)

Agents see paralzing indecision among clients (Globe and Mail)

Ontario builders seek relief in budget (Toronto Star)

Permits, housing resales tumble (Toronto Star)

Government Yields in Freefall (Canadian Mortgage Trends)

Canadian Housing Market Shows Signs of Slowing in 2008-2009  (CEP News)

Condo battle ends with suite owners in charge (National Post)

North Yonge corridor continues its boom (Globe and Mail)

Tipping Point? Downtown Condo Prices Fall, Inventory Soars (Andrew La Fleur)

US Real Estate News

Florida real estate tantalizes Canadians (National Post)

Predatory buyers in NYC now struggling (Globe and Mail)

Economic News

Bank of Canada's turn to cut rates (National Post)

Wary shoppers point to sharp drop in outlook (Globe and Mail)

Government funds not needed: Scotiabank (Globe and Mail)

Canadian Third-Quarter GDP Rebounds to Annualized Growth of 1.3%  (CEP News)

Canadian Q3 GDP Report Contains Warning Signs for End of 2008, Economists Say  (CEP News)

Canada loses more-than-expected 71,000 jobs  (Globe and Mail)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

$1.5-billion earmarked to rejuvenate Toronto's social housing stock (Globe and Mail)

Toronto: Poor city beside rich city (Toronto Star)

Times are tough, but let's not neglect the arts (Toronto Star)

Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan Approved (spacing)

In constant exile, artists seek next colony (Globe and Mail)

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