Media Roundup January 9th 2009

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

House prices expected to slip nationally: Royal LePage (CBC)

Realtor foresees dip in Toronto  (Toronto Star)

Are Home Sellers' Price Expectations Really That Inflated? (Seeking Alpha)

Housing market braces for correction, not crash (Gloge and Mail)

Is HomeTrader Our Real Estate Site Saviour? (blogTO)

What's in store for housing market in 2009 (Toronto Star)

Average House Prices Don't Tell the Real Story (Realty Times)

US Real Estate News

No Recovery for Real Estate as Speculators Dominate Sales (Bloomberg)

Real Estate Resurrection Begins (Forbes)

Economic News

Not quite the 1930s (National Post)

'It is business as usual' for Canadian lending, bank CEOs assert (CBC)

Tough Year Ahead for Canadian Economy (CEP News)

Economists weigh in on outlook for 2009 (Vancouver Sun)

Canadians Worried About Economy, But Not Their Own Finances, Poll Finds (CEP News)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

Toronto parking wars: no relief for front pad parking polls (National Post)

Toronto council rejects front-pad parking changes (Globe and Mail)

Cabbagetown gets a lift (Toronto Star)

Residents brew up hope for their retail strip, without Starbucks (National Post)

Finally, a little love for the eastern downtown waterfront (National Post)

Proposal for prime site spurs controversy (Toronto Star)

Rethinking Yonge and Eglinton (National Post)

Rebranding Jane and Finch (Toronto Star)

Committee pounds second-to-last nail in Front St. Extension's coffin (National Post)

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