Media Roundup March 20th, 2009

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

Home sales fall 31 per cent (Globe and Mail)

Increases in foreclosure rates create buying opportunities (Globe and Mail)

Toronto's Sony Centre condo tower set for spring (Globe and Mail)

Canada's dirty subprime secret (Globe and Mail)

There's no secret subprime mortgage problem in Canada (Vancouver Sun)

Real estate: Has spring sprung? (National Post)

Decline in Toronto housing sales and prices slows (Globe and Mail)

Infill builders out cold (Globe and Mail)

Posted Rates Drop to All-time Low (Canadian Mortgage Trends)

US Real Estate News

U.S. home building surges (Globe and Mail)

Economic News

IMF shifts outlook, expects contraction (Globe and Mail)

Merrill slashes economic forecast (Globe and Mail)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

New Canadians flock to better life in suburbs (Toronto Star)

Toronto street vendors to offer ethnic dishes (Globe and Mail)

In Markham, the dream of an urban village that never was (National Post)

Regional Canadian Real Estate News

Tail-end of the B.C. housing tailspin looms (Globe and Mail)

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