Media Roundup - March 6th 2009

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

For those who bought, the wait may be long (Globe and Mail)

Optimism returning to housing market, RBC survey finds (Globe and Mail)

Canada home buying intent up as prices fall-surve (Reuters)

Home-Buying Intentions Remain Strong (MarketWire)

Attack of the condo craters (Macleans)

Toronto housing market slide slows in February (Globe and Mail)

Home sales plunge 33% in February (Toronto Star)

Toronto house prices down just 5%, suggesting a more stable market (National Post)

New home of North Toronto Collegiate Institute includes condo towers (Daily Commercial News)

Arrested development (National Post)

More affordable housing needed in Ontario, says housing association (The Candian Press)

Canadian Building Permits Mark Fourth Straight Month of Decline (CEP News)

Building permits fall in January (Globe and Mail)

US Real Estate News

Obama's homeowner strategy unlikely to reduce U.S. housing inventories (National Post)

U.S. mortgage woes break records (Globe and Mail)

U.S. construction activity falls more than expected (Globe and Mail)

Economic News

Bank of Canada Cuts by 50 Bps, Considers Quantitative Easing (CEP News)

Next to nothing: What does a central bank do when interest rates approach zero? (CBC)

Missed it by that much: Toronto nearly cracks top 10 on global financial centres list (National Post)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

Bring on the bulldozers (Globe and Mail)

Are poor, 'ethnic' areas cages - or launching pads? (Globe and Mail)

A boost for Leslieville, and all of us (Toronto Star)

Spacing Radio is now on the air (Spacing)

Regional Canadian Real Estate News

Vancouver Home Sales Down 45% from a Year Ago (CEP News)

Number of Albertans Planning to Buy a Home Surges (CEP News)

Calgary Housing Market Showing Signs of Stabilization (CEP News)

Montreal Home Sales Down, But Prices Continue to Rise (CEP News)

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