Media Roundup April 10, 2009

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

New home prices slide in February (National Post)

Toronto real estate market appears to be stabilizing (National Post)

Rebound in housing prices will be slow (Globe and Mail)

Canadian housing starts jump in March (CBC)

The data deficit in real estate (Globe and Mail)

Home construction rebounds (Globe and Mail)

Boom to bust to blip (Globe and Mail)

A hint of hope in housing starts (Toronto Star)

GTA real estate market still a puzzle (Toronto Star)

Housing market shows signs of resiliency (Toronto Star)

2009 Real Estate Roundtable (National Post)

US Real Estate News

Wall Street jumps on mortgage resurgence (Globe and Mail)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

Toronto a GTA suburb? (Hamilton Spectator)

Toronto’s Google Street View goes live within ‘weeks (National Post)

City takes stake in Filmport (National Post)

Rough and tumble in the Junction (National Post)

Don't believe the reports of Toronto's demise (Toronto Star)

Regional Canadian Real Estate News

More fiction than fact in riches-to-rags tales of Alberta in crisis (Edmonton Journal)

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