Media Roundup July 31, 2009

Media Roundup

Real Estate News

Home-price index posts small gain (Globe and Mail)

Daniels finds a winning formula (Globe and Mail)

Low-rate mortgage shams (Globe and Mail)

Five must-haves for flipping a house (Globe and Mail)

With the fate of 1Bloor in doubt, just one plea: Not another parking lot (Globe and Mail)

Changing bank rules hit signature condo project in Toronto (Daily Commercial News)

History In The Making? (True Condos)

Housing and the Crisis, Part III (Creative Class)

Housing and the Crisis, Part IV (Creative Class)

Lofty visions: The return of Harry Stinson (Toronoto Star)

Beach home prices lead GTA (Toronoto Star)

Economists React: More Evidence U.K. Housing Has Bottomed (WSJ)

A Look at Case-Shiller Numbers, by Metro Area (WSJ)

Economic News

Canada's economy contracts sharply in May (Globe and Mail)

Recession winding down in U.S. (Globe and Mail)

BoC may have to break interest rate promise (

Signs of stability and an economic bottom (Globe and Mail)

Record number on unemployment (Globe and Mail)

Canada's recovery in sight, report says (Globe and Mail)

Urban Planning and Neighbourhoods

The laneway house: A novel solution to Vancouver's real-estate crunch (Globe and Mail)

Extreme makeover: library edition (Toronoto Star)

Building a winner in midst of failure (Toronoto Star)

National Post Editorial Board: Just say no to strikers (National Post)

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