Toronto Real Estate Roundup April 15th 2011

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Neighbourhood Price Trends

This week Realosophy Realty published their semi-annual survey of neighbourhood price trends for the Globe and Mail.  If you prefer looking at real estate trends by MLS area instead of neighbourhood you can refer to the Toronto Star's heat map.

Has your home's value gone up or down? (Globe and Mail)

What your home is really worth (Toronto Star)


Severe Housing Crash in Canada?

Finance professor George Athanassakos believes that Canada is set for a serious correction in house prices.  His principal arguments relate to Canada's high house prices relative to income, record household debt levels and an overinvestment in residential construction.  I'll take a look into some of these arguments in a follow up post this week.

Signs point to a severe housing correction in Canada (Globe and Mail)


National Average Home Price up 8.9%

Vancouver continues to drive up the average home price for a home in Canada according to the Canadian Real Estate Assocation.  The average price for a home in Canada was up 8.9% in March when compared to the same month last year.  If Vancouver is excluded, the average price increase drops to 4.3%

National home sales fall in March (Toronto Star)

Quarterly house sales spike (CBC)

Pricey property surge drives average up (National Post)

National home sales steady in March; first quarter near long-term averages: CREA (Canadian Press)


Other Real Estate and Neighbourhood News

Putting the 'Own' Back In Homeowner (Wall Street Journal)

RBC Poll finds over half of younger Canadians plan to buy next year (RBC)

Young adults waiting to buy home (Globe and Mail)

In Toronto house hunt, bully offers are losing their bite (Globe and Mail)

Home prices recover in Q1: reports (CBC)

Bungalows are GTA’s hottest housing bet (Toronto Star)

Economy better, but Bank of Canada stays with low interest rate policy (Canadian Press)

Home buyers get a reprieve from higher interest rates (Toronto Star)

Nostalgia Tripping: Long Branch Village (blogTO)

Neighbours envision a remake of Gerrard Cinema (openfile)

The World's Friendliest Countries (Yahoo)


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