Changeover at Queen East and Jones

Urmi Desai in Toronto Neighbourhoods, Leslieville

If you're crazy enough to quit the day job to start up a business, you'd better line up the right people to support you. Forget about marketers, bankers, accountants or lawyers - you need lots of talented people to feed you.

Luckily for us at Realosophy HQ at 1152 Queen East @ Jones, Leslieville's already killer food scene keeps getting better...


A new restaurant/pub (?) with a fetching "tavern" sign is opening nearby at 1124 Queen East (where Kemistri used to be).

At 1129 Queen East, Eadrey Foods, specializing in marinades, sauces and rubs, is moving into the space that the Foodist Market all too speedily vacated (dashing our hopes of having a fruit stand in the 'hood, sniff).


And two nearby favs, Frankly Eatery (1118 Queen East) and OK OK Diner (1128 Queen East) - are extending their goodness to dinner time - even more reasons to work late!

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