Toronto Real Estate Roundup July 8th,2011

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Where are Canadian House Prices Heading?

CIBC released a report on Canadian House prices this week that had a couple of key messages. Economoist Benjamin Tal warns us to be cautious when using average price figures to forecast the Canadian housing market. As I've wirtten in this blog in the past, average house price figures can be skewed by an increase in luxury home sales.

Vancouver's luxury real estate market is skewing average home price figures for Canada. When we remove Vancouver from the calculation the increase in Canadian House prices drops to 5.6% from 8.6% when we include Vancouver.

Tal also concludes that a crash in house prices is unlikely because the two pre-conditions for a crash, 1) a significant increase in interest rates and 2) high number of high-risk mortgages, are not big risks in Canada.


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