Toronto Real Estate Roundup November 4th 2011

John Pasalis in Real Estate Roundup   


Two realty players join Competition Tribunal case (Toronto Star)

Spat escalates over real estate listing access (Globe and Mail)

Will Ontario housing soon be priced completely beyond reach? (Toronto Star)

Single family homes becoming ‘precious commodities’ (Toronto Star)

Good news for baby boomers — the kids are finally leaving home (Toronto Star)

Yearly new condo sales paced to smash 2007 sales record (Urbanation)

Toronto housing market sizzling again (National Post)

Variable or fixed? It's no contest (Globe and Mail)

This mortgage can make your reno happen (Globe and Mail)

Real estate professionals grow anxious over prospects (Globe and Mail)

House prices to hold next year: CMHC (Globe and Mail)

Carlaw’s raw condo power is gritty and industrial (National Post)

Great Spaces: Four places of worship, born again (this time, as trendy condos) (Toronto Life)

Is a housing bubble drifting toward Switzerland? (Globe and Mail)

Cuba allows home sales for first time in decades (Globe and Mail)


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