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Ontario’s Broken Housing Plan

When a government fails to do the hard work of planning and investing the necessary capital required for such a big undertaking, it should be no surprise that the political...

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Zoning Battles in Toronto and Ontario — Why We Need to Build Up Not Out: An Interview with Phil Pothen

Right now, Toronto is seeing a massive shift in housing zoning policies both at the municipal and provincial level.

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Are Local Investors the Cause of High Home Prices?

New statistics show high levels of local investor investment in Ontario's housing market.

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A Property Survey Could Have Prevented These Homeowners From Ending Up In Court

What happens when a neighbour builds a garage that's partly on another neighbour’s property?

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How the Supply Side Argument for Housing Affordability Falls Short

Why I believe a more immediate demand-side lever is being overlooked.

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Buyer Held to Contract After Property Found to be Former Marijuana Grow-Op

The Ontario Court of Appeal has confirmed that a home buyer did not have the right to walk away from the purchase of a property which was found to be a former marijuana...

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Poll Companion: What Ontario Parties Are Saying On Housing This Election

With an incumbent already conceding defeat and two starkly opposed front-runners, an uncertain Ontario heads to provincial polls this Thurs June 7. Here's a summary of the main...

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