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How Renters Are Paying the Highest Price for Canada’s Housing Crisis

In our new feature, "Move Smartly Ideas", I talk to Urmi about what I'm reading, writing and talking about right now. 

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Why Are Toronto Homes So Unaffordable?

Once again, is the real problem supply or demand?

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Are Condo Units Really Sitting Empty in Toronto?

An investigation into the claim that thousands of Toronto investor-owned condos are sitting empty.

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What Does the Federal Election Result Mean for Canadian Real Estate?

Why the returning Liberal Government's first-time buyer incentives are unlikely to make much of a difference - and what policy changes would.

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Five Changes to Help Canada’s Housing Affordability Crisis

As Canadians head to the polls for the federal election, here are the policies they should be looking for.

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Analyzing Canada's Housing Market: East Strengthens, West Weakens

Why are house prices sliding in the West of Canada, while the East returns to growth, with the Toronto Area's York Region leading the way?

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How Bank of Canada Governor Poloz Can Help Increase the Appeal of Longer-Term Mortgages

If it's healthier for the economy when more of us choose longer-term mortgages, Ottawa can do something to make this happen.

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