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Are Home Prices Going to Fall 18% As CMHC Predicts?

Canada's top mortgage body just shared some pretty bleak expectations - should we take heed?

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Corona Crisis Week 10: Are Toronto Condo Prices Really Down 10%?

Why the widely reported drop in condo prices in last week's news was misleading.

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Corona Crisis Week 9: Toronto Area Real Estate Market Heating Up

The market is now more competitive than it was four weeks ago.

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Corona Crisis Week 7: Signs of Stability in Toronto’s Real Estate Market

An increase in months of inventory suggests buyers as slowly re-entering the market - but not all regions across the Toronto area are picking up at the same speed.

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Corona Crisis Week 6: Is Toronto’s Real Estate Market Stabilizing?

Home sales numbers continue to be down across Toronto and the GTA, but an equal drop in new homes for sale appears to be keeping prices stable.

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Corona Crisis Week 5: Toronto Area Home Sales Down Sharply

The Greater Toronto Area saw a sharp decline in both sales and new listings as home buyers and sellers adjust to the reality of the Coronavirus crisis.

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Corona Crisis Week 4: Best and Worst Performing Real Estate Markets in the GTA

Some markets in the Greater Toronto Area are showing signs of the type of slowdown that requires buyers and sellers to act carefully.

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Corona Crisis Week 3: Toronto's Real Estate Market Hits the Brakes

Toronto real estate market sales have dropped sharply in the third week of Ontario's state of emergency due to Coronavirus pandemic.

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