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The Intangible City

Just back from India, I’m thinking about the intangible thing that is a city. The thing that makes your neck get all hot and prickly when you read Wallpaper’s take on your city...

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Toronto and the Boring Neighbourhood

Events this week made me think of Tyler Brûlé on Toronto: “He’s got a really nice flat and it’s great that his kids go to a nice school, but shit, it’s boring there.”

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Jane’s Heir?

Urmi Desai in Urban Issues

CBC’s The Passionate Eye recently profiled “The Passionate Prince” – a work I settled down to watch once I was able to verify that it was not about...

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The 'Why' of Home Buying

Given the disastrous effects of the subprime mortgage on the world economy, it is easy to forget that many once saw the instrument as an agent of good.  Under many US...

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What's in a Name? The Leslieville Lofts Saga

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my views on names, which is that they matter.  The big names behind the Leslieville Lofts project, Lamb Development Corp and...

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The Scent of a Neighbourhood

I have become a great fan of Andy Barrie.  It happened the morning he reported on the incredible story of brakes being cut on the cars of Toronto-area Liberal party supporters....

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Spotted: School Wars


It may go unnoticed by the rest of us, but parents have long made the "right school" the heart of their home buying decisions.  Toronto Life's September issue features lying,...
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Revisiting the Emerging Neighbourhood

A reader recently wrote in to ask me about the Distillery District following an early post.  He's not the only one to wonder about 'emerging neighbourhoods'.  While...

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In the Eye of the Beholder: Smut and the Emerging Neighbourhood

Two Toronto communities are fighting the re-appearance of naughty nudies on their strip.  Residents of New Toronto and neighbouring Long Branch are home to an increasing number...

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The Shopping Mall Revolution

The shopping mall, currently staring as the villain of Leslieville, and frequent associate of the gassy nightmare that is the suburbs, is rarely heralded by urban enthusiasts. ...

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Talking About Toronto's Waterfront

He was a young guy, fresh-faced and eager - to talk to me.  Not necessarily odd, but odd for a dimly-lit subway car after a long work day.  "Is that what you work on?" he...

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What Would Jane Jacobs Think? Expanding Toronto's Underground PATH

Urmi in Neighbourhoods, Lifestyle, In the News

Plans are underway to expand Toronto’s PATH system.  Developers and planners would like to extend the network of underground...

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